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"It's so crisp, and you really feel the space...the space between the instruments. Voices just sound great in them. The harmonics....everything's so clean.  The clarity is just so remarkable."

~ Zachary Alford, Professional Drummer with credits including David Bowie, The B-52s, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Susanna Hoffs, Manic Street Preachers, David Torn and Patti Scialfa.

Rotorsonic is an audio technology invented by Australian acoustician Joe Hayes, that is unique to our speakers, and solves a design issue with the moving coil loudspeaker, that prevents reflections, echoes, reverberations and minimises noise, creating an immersive field of sound. The moving coil loudspeaker that was originally designed by Rice and Kellogg in 1921, we refer to here as ‘conventional’ speakers or audio. Our technology represents an evolution of the moving coil loudspeaker.

~ How are Rotorsonic speakers different, and what advantages do they have over traditional speakers?

Rotorsonic speakers create an immersive field of sound 

When listening to Rotorsonic speakers, the audio “sweet spot” is spread to all parts of the listening space, avoiding the need for “surround sound” or any other technology that tries to imitate an immersive audio experience. The listener receives immersive sound in stereo wherever they are positioned in the room. With conventional speakers, the sweet spot is limited to a much smaller area, located in an area directly in front of and between the speakers.

Rotorsonic speakers eliminate audible reflections in the listening environment 

Rotorsonic technology solves the problem of reflections in a room through engineering a solution at the loudspeaker source, avoiding the need for expensive wall panels or other acoustic treatments of a room. Remarkably, the clarity of the audio output isn’t compromised by reflections or reverberations that are created by the output from traditional speakers.

In summary, the immersive and clearly defined audio response from Rotorsonic speakers is easier to comprehend, with less strain on the listener, and therefore creates heightened levels of engagement and enjoyment, and sounds more real and authentic.

~ Why do Rotorsonic speakers help people with hearing difficulties?

Since it is easier for the listener to differentiate the different audio cues, combined with the fact that there are no audible reflections in the listening environment, our Emergence AS8 speakers are particularly effective for the hearing impaired, who naturally struggle to deal with reflections, noise and reverberations. Our speakers eliminate all of these distractions, leaving a pure undistorted audio signal, the way the sound was originally intended to be experienced.

Dive in and enjoy an immersive audio experience!