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“Indeed very interesting concept with the potential of creating a new and exciting standard for speaker enclosures. The interaction of the speaker to the few environments that we placed the speaker in, created a particularly diffuse and pleasant audio response.”

-John Storyk - acoustic architectural designer, wsdg.com


"It's so crisp, and you really feel the space...the space between the instruments. Voices just sound great in them. The harmonics....everything's so clean.  The clarity is just so remarkable."

Zachary Alford,Professional Drummer with credits including David Bowie, The B-52s, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Susanna Hoffs, Manic Street Preachers, David Torn and Patti Scialfa. 


"The AS8 speaker system has been a great addition to our multi-use post production suite at Good Company! The system currently resides in a room that is 50% brick and windows, and they sound absolutely great in the environment. It’s allowed us to forgo hanging any acoustical treatment, instead saving that space for artwork and other items more pleasing to the eye:) In addition to the great sound, the ease of use switching between work stations (via bluetooth) to monitor playback during supervised sessions, has been a bonus to our workflow."

~ Ralph Miccio, Head of Post Production at Good Company, NYC


"With the AS8s you get perfect clarity; it's like putting on glasses when you're nearsighted." 

~ David Laks, owner and operator of David Laks Productions


"They defy what I know, or thought I knew about the physics of sound.  They don't seem to be affected by the sound of the room, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever."

Danny Blume, owner and operator of Hidden Quarry Studios