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Jim enjoys music again

Jim enjoys music again


Jim Allen suffers from flat moderate sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally, and wears 'in the canal' hearing aids in both ears. Before we took our speakers to his home, he told me that he would love to be able to enjoy music again. His experience with other speakers was only that it sounded "muffled", to the extent that he found it difficult to recognise the music he was listening to.

It was a great moment when Jim was finally able to enjoy his favourite music again, through our Emergence AS8 speakers. In Jim's words "it sounds like it used to sound when I had ears".


Test run production complete.

Test run production complete.


40 systems completed

40 systems done, 710 systems to go!

We ran out of the gaskets that place the driver into the exact position. In Australia, we have summer holidays at Christmas. So industry closes down until the 7th. I will get 2,000 more gaskets then we can build again.

Now onto shipping. I'll be emailing you soon as I prepare to ship. Right now we have PRO models for Australia and the USA. We have red systems for Great Britain, USA, and Australia.

Due to the Chinese supplier's lack of patience about 40% of the PRO systems have a defect on their finish.  The matte black paint was not allowed to dry prior to packing and thus there are some marks where the harness rested against the painted surface. So 13 systems of the 40 are affected this way. This means we only have 8 PRO systems for the USA at the moment.

The product sounds great. I watched a 2-hour concert on youtube last night,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad1k3S24SbU&t=5744s from New Zealand. Sound through the AS8s was like I was at the concert. Your ears will love the AS8s.

Moving into white ones now!


Joe Hayes

Sacred Geometry, 3D Holograms and Supersonic Rotating Sound Waves

Sacred Geometry, 3D Holograms and Supersonic Rotating Sound Waves


The Newly Released Rotorsonic Powered Emergence AS8 Acoustic 3D Speakers by NewAudio.             

For pure audio lovers and discerning sound enthusiasts, 2019 will indeed be a Happy New Year with NewAudio’s official launch of its newly configured loudspeakers now equipped with and powered by the patented time-tunnelling Acoustic 3D technology known as ‘Rotorsonics’.by NewAudio.

The newly patented Rotorsonic technology allows sound to be received in zero point time by the listener regardless of a room’s configuration, contents and just as the recording artist originally intended. Mr. Joe Hayes, the inventor of the revolutionary Emergence AS8 speakers which have won the prestigious Good Design Awards in Australia, explains that “because the sound fields spin in book matched rotation around the speakers, a virtual sound tunnel can be created anywhere.”

Hayes discovered the unique geometry that has contributed to the Rotorsonic technology tweak that has enriched how the bass in the subwoofers are now experienced and clarified even more precisely the subtle layers of sound in a production, around June 2018 after the company’s US Kickstarter campaign, headed by James Orr, helped move them out of production and into the hands of their backers in New York, Sydney, London, Europe and other cities and states in Australia and North America.

The sophisticated engineering behind the stylishly designed Rotorsonic powered speakers will be refreshing news for music lovers who want to experience the intricate layers of the original vocal and acoustic sound in a production as if they were right there soaking in the complete vibe at the live recording. It’s also great news for home-theatre audio fans who want the feeling of being immersed in the whole cinematic experience without worrying about where or how best to place speakers in their room or whether they should drill holes in walls or have it fall on them from the ceilings.

NewAudio is holding a giveaway contest for discerning sound enthusiasts, to celebrate the release of their revolutionary Rotorsonic powered Emergence AS8 speakers in 2019, so if being virtually transported into unchartered acoustic dimensions resonates with you, look out for the giveaway on your social media platforms.

May you time-travel well into a Happy New Year, audiophiles!

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NewAudio is a breakthrough audio engineering technology company whose love of acoustics and electronics has created the world’s first Rotorsonic loudspeaker that custom delivers true 3D Acoustic holograms directly to the listener without headphones, without echoes and regardless of a room’s configuration, revolutionising the way sound can be experienced for the 21st century.