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Test run production complete.

Test run production complete.


40 systems completed

40 systems done, 710 systems to go!

We ran out of the gaskets that place the driver into the exact position. In Australia, we have summer holidays at Christmas. So industry closes down until the 7th. I will get 2,000 more gaskets then we can build again.

Now onto shipping. I'll be emailing you soon as I prepare to ship. Right now we have PRO models for Australia and the USA. We have red systems for Great Britain, USA, and Australia.

Due to the Chinese supplier's lack of patience about 40% of the PRO systems have a defect on their finish.  The matte black paint was not allowed to dry prior to packing and thus there are some marks where the harness rested against the painted surface. So 13 systems of the 40 are affected this way. This means we only have 8 PRO systems for the USA at the moment.

The product sounds great. I watched a 2-hour concert on youtube last night,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad1k3S24SbU&t=5744s from New Zealand. Sound through the AS8s was like I was at the concert. Your ears will love the AS8s.

Moving into white ones now!


Joe Hayes