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ROTORSONIC Powered 3D Acoustic Holographic Speakers for the Discerning Audiophiles

ROTORSONIC Powered 3D Acoustic Holographic Speakers for the Discerning Audiophiles

Just when we thought NewAudio had perfected what it meant to experience true three dimensional acoustic holograms in any listening space, then another genius innovation comes along to change the playing field for audiophiles and the audio industry once again. 

Mr Joe Hayes, Inventor of the newly patented ROTORSONIC technology that is enabling the unparalleled clarity delivered through the  new Emergence AS8 speakers to be released in December 2018 is changing the soundscape of the listening universe as we know it.

We thought perfection was achieved with the A3D patented audio technology that delivered perfect vibrations that were unaffected by the acoustics of a room, or the configuration of its contents, but perfection has now been perfected. The technology bodes well for those intent on hearing sound reproduced the way it was originally intended to be heard by the artist. When connected to the ROTORSONIC powered Emergence AS8 speakers, echoes become non-existent; sound is heard exactly as it is meant to be naturally experienced and the placement of the speakers become a non-issue. The discovery of the ROTORSONIC innovation by Joe Hayes, eliminates time from the equation and really puts the listener in a zero-point field of pure sound immersion, and at once it is clearly understood how listening to your favourite music can trigger a spiritual connection to your own inner source of sanctuary and deeper well being.

I know because I had the good fortune to trial a pair of the speakers with the newly improved subwoofer too. What struck me the most was how easy it was to enjoy my husband's grunge music without having my ears hurt or my head aching. The sound was received by my hearing systems with grace, and for the first time in years I actually appreciated his choice in music as if I was appreciating the artists at a live performance. 

I love the analogy for this new ROTORSONIC audio technology powering the Emergence AS8s - it's as if sound can now be exquisitely delivered exclusively to the listener's ears by their very own personalsound butler. What a luxury. A luxury that is no longer reserved for those with tens of thousands or even hundred of thousands of dollars. An accessible luxury that will go down in history as the revolutions in our audible universe that tunnels us into multidimensional layers of space without the hindrance of time.

NewAudio indeed.

Reserve your new ROTORSONIC powered Emergence AS8 Speakers for your home theatre system this December 2018. Limited stock available. Up to 6-month waiting list after limited edition of ROTORSONIC speakers sold out.